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How Acupuncture and Herbs Treatment Effective?

Ailments and physical pain have been associated with mankind for a long time. History loudly speaks of people being inflicted by medical conditions, which were not caused by pathogens. Pain is rudimentary to mankind after being inflicted by such medical conditions. Human race discovered the strongest form of medicines, called Allopathy, for curing people of diseases. However, these medicines proved ineffective in alleviating pain and malaise caused by these medical conditions. On the other hand, the inhabitants of Japan and China have a different story to tell.

Herbal therapy

Herbal therapy

These people are now refraining from using the allopathic medicines, and have switched to the ancient physical treatment form of Acupuncture. To supplement it, they have started using Herbal therapy for getting better results. So, what exactly is Acupuncture? How is it effective in treating the physical disorders? Acupuncture has its roots in the old China and is considered as a part of Chinese medicine. It is specifically based on the theory meridians and points, which are supposed to be energy routes in the body. The practitioners believe that any form of pain is caused in the body whenever these energy routes are blocked. By piercing needles on the regulatory points, the energy routes get stimulated, and the pain gets alleviated.

imagesAcupuncture and Herbs Treatment have been recommended by WHO for healing 31 symptoms, conditions and diseases. At times when the western medicines fail to loosen the pain, complex procedures are suggested by Doctors. You can avoid these complex procedures by switching to simple needle piercing of Acupuncture.

Consider the case of athletes, who are exposed to rigorous physical activities and are challenged to push their bodies to the limit. Most of them suffer from pain of joints, neck pain, knee pain, sprains, and low back pain. Complex conditions like Tennis Elbow, Sciatica and per arthritis of the shoulder are treated only by surgery. Now, who would like their body to be lacerated for inhibiting pain? For all such distressed individuals, Acupuncture plays the role of the helping hand.

Similarly, urban lifestyle has brought modern medical anomalies like Obesity in people. Many people are overweight, and are extensively using medications to reduce weight. To avoid the side effects of allopathic medicines, experts are advising to use Acupuncture for weight loss. With Acupuncture, the accumulated energy in the body is released by stimulating the Qi points. So, with the loss of energy, the person starts losing weight. Same is the case with Smoking addiction, where the body is habituated to high levels of dopamines. By stimulating the nerve endings at the right places, practitioners say that the levels of dopamine can be controlled. So, many people are now switching to Acupuncture for smoking cessation.

With deadlines and short journeys, the typical life of city dweller is exposed to high levels of stress. Hypertension, Hypotension, headache, facial pain and morning sickness is common, and allopathic medicines fail to control it. By using Acupuncture, all these maladies can be treated with no side effects. For instance, ear needles acupuncture is common for treating chronic headache and facial pain, when western medicines begin to give mediocre results.

Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy have been used by thousands of Chinese inhabitants, since ancient times. It is a proven medical therapy, which has the least side effects and long term effectiveness. So, why spare heavy amounts of money on Western medicine when this ancient medical art is available at the disposal?